Scottish Ballet's first ever Digital Artist in Residence, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, builds on his visually sublime arsenal of digital artworks by working with three choreographers and composers to create Technology//Mythology//Allegory - a series of three new works. 

Motion tracked and digitally augmented, The Fates is a collaboration between Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, choreographer Nicholas Shoesmith and composer Ben Chatwin. The Fates explores notions of autonomy and discreet control in a digital society.

The Fates

The Fates control the thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. They are: 

Clotho - 'spinner' spun the thread of life from her Distaff onto her Spindle. Her Roman equivalent was Nona, (the ‘Ninth’), who was originally a goddess called upon in the ninth month of pregnancy. 

Lachesis - 'allotter' or drawer of lots measured the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod.

Atropos - 'inexorable' or 'inevitable', literally 'unturning', was the cutter of the thread of life. She chose the manner of each person’s death; and when their time was come, she cut their life-thread with 'her abhorred shears'. 


Rhona Warwick Paterson was commissioned to write a poem in response to the work.