Scottish Ballet's first ever Digital Artist in Residence, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, builds on his visually sublime arsenal of digital artworks by working with three choreographers and composers to create Technology//Mythology//Allegory - a series of three new works. 

Personifications of forethought and afterthought, Prometheus & Epimetheus investigates the relationship between technological progress and our inability to think far enough ahead. Motion captured and digitally augmented, Prometheus & Epimetheus is a collaboration between Zachary Eastwood-Bloom and choreographer Alexander Whitley with music by Ash Koosha.

Prometheus & Epimetheus

Prometheus and Epimetheus were brothers and Titans who sided with Zeus in his war against the Titans. Prometheus represents ‘Forethought’ and Epimetheus represents ‘Afterthought’. Zeus delegated the task of making mankind to them. 

Prometheus was very wise; however, his brother Epimetheus was impulsive, scatter-brained and prone to changing his mind. Before making mankind, Epimetheus gave all the favourable attributes to the animals; strength, speed, courage, cunning, flight and protection. Leaving no qualities left for mankind he apologetically asked his brother for help. Prometheus thought of ways to make mankind more superior; he fashioned them in a nobler shape than the animals, upright like the gods. He went to the sun, lit a torch and brought down fire for them, a protection better than fur or feathers or strength or swiftness. 


    Rhona Warwick Paterson was commissioned to write a poem in response to the work. 

    Facets of a Quest Narrative