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Arts and Crafts; ages 5+

Kai dances with Gerda and The Snow Queen during the ballet, but only Gerda is his real match! 

Can you make a jigsaw of different hearts that do and don’t fit together?

1. Cut out lots of big heart shapes from different pieces of paper - you can use different colours or decorations if you want to!

2. Watch Kai and Gerda dance together (You can watch their pas de deux on BBC iPlayer between 10:40-13:38). Their movements are soft and flowing, showing their gentle love for each other.

3. Now draw a smooth flowing line down the middle of some of the hearts and cut along the line, so that you get 2 halves that fit together

4. Watch Kai and The Snow Queen dance together (You can watch their pas de deux on BBC iPlayer between 52:15-55:31). Their movements are sharp and fast, showing The Snow Queen’s powerful magic and mean heart.

5. Now draw a jagged line with lots of corners and zig-zags down the middle of the rest of the hearts, and cut along these lines.

6. Mix up all the hearts and see if you can jigsaw all the right pairs together.