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Science experiment; all ages - adult supervision necessary with younger children

The Ringmaster does a disappearing trick on Kai to entertain the crowd and surprise the audience. 

Can you make a coin magically disappear and reappear for your ‘audience’?

1. First, gather all the materials you will need

  • A large glass
  • A jug of water
  • A coin
  • A piece of card big enough to cover the glass

2. Set the coin on a flat surface, and place the glass over it

3. Cover the top of the glass with the piece of card. Get your audience to look through the side of the glass - they should still be able to see the coin.

4. Ask your audience to keep looking at the coin through the side of the glass. Take the card off and fill the glass with water.

5. Once you’ve filled the glass, replace the card. The coin will have disappeared

6. Say the magic words (we use ‘Blizzards and Wizards!’) and take the glass and card away… and the coin will have magically returned!

7. Now watch The Ringmaster’s trick in the ballet (You can watch this on BBC iPlayer here from 30:30-32:10) - can you guess how it’s done?