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Arts and Crafts; ages 4+

The Snow Queen creates a magic mirror for her sister, The Summer Princess. Through this mirror they can see the outside world beyond The Kingdom of Snow. 

Can you imagine a magical world and create a vision for your own mirror/window?

1. First collect all your materials together. You’ll need…

  • A large piece of paper
  • A thick black marker pen
  • Some oil-based crayons
  • Some kind of oil in a small bowl - cooking oil or baby oil are both fine.
  • Something to spread the oil with - a paintbrush, kitchen roll or cotton balls are all great for this

2. Now draw a simple outline of your magical world in thick black marker and allow it to fully dry.

3. When the ink is dry, colour the drawing with crayons or oil pastels. Big blocks of simple colour will make the biggest impact!

4. Turn the paper over and paint the back with your oil, making sure you cover every part of the paper.

5. While the oil is still wet, you can place the paper on your ‘mirror’ or window and the oil will help it stick to the glass. For a less-messy option, wait until the oil is dried and stick it up with tape.

6. Watch as the light streams through the see-through paper and picks up all the beautiful colours and shapes you created - bringing your magical vision to life!

Now watch The Snow Queen to find out what The Summer Princess sees in the magic mirror…