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Arts and Crafts; ages 4+

The Snow Queen lives in the Kingdom of Snow and has magical powers which she uses in the ballet. The designers use the costume, props and set to create her character and the world she lives in.

Can you imagine and design your own character?

1. Look at The Snow Queen’s costume (what she wears), props (what she holds or uses) and scenery (where she is) and see what you can tell about the story and her character from just those things… Is she confident and proud or nervous and shy? What is she doing or telling the other characters?

You can see The Snow Queen's Costume between 00:00-05:05.

You can see The Snow Queen's Props between 24:40-26:06.

You can see the Kingdom of Snow Scenery between 1:10:15-1:23:40.

2. Now imagine what ‘superpowers’ or magic you would have if you lived in one of these places...

  • The Land of Clouds
  • The Land of Rain
  • The Land of Sunshine
  • The Land of Wind
  • The Land of Thunder

3. Draw, paint, collage or create a picture of yourself using your magic powers. 

4. Remember to include your costume (what you wear), props (anything you hold or use) and scenery (where you are).