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Arts and Crafts; ages 3+

When the circus comes to visit Gerda and Kai, there are two clowns - Happy and Sad. They have over-the-top expressions and use their bodies to tell the audience how they are feeling.

Can you create a clown that shows a feeling or expression?

1. Watch the clowns in the ballet and see how many different emotions you can count that they express using their faces and/or bodies.

Watch the Clowns dance between 27:40-30:08.

2.  Then, gather all the materials you need to create  your own clown

  • Paper
  • Paints
  • Pencils
  • Any other art material you want to use!

3. Draw a picture of a face with a clear expression on it. This can be something simple like happy or sad, or something more complicated like angry, confused, or surprised.

4. Dip your finger in some paint and dot it around the face to make clown hair, or a hat.

5. If you want you could also draw, paint collage, or create a body, thinking about how that emotion would make someone stand or move.