Pointe shoes are a dancer's most vital tool. We need your help to keep them 'en pointe'.

Pointe shoes create a beautiful illusion but their journey from factory to stage is lengthy and complex. The shoes are hand-crafted and fitted to each of our 20 female dancers. Each shoe must then be carefully prepared – elastics and ribbons are sewn on and some hammering to soften them!

Male dancers' ballet ‘flats’ are often fitted a size too small, or shrunk by the dyeing process, enduring an uncomfortable warm-up but knowing they will expand when they sweat to ensure the perfect fit.

And it’s not just the professional dancers who rely on their shoes. Our long-standing Associate Programme provides classically-based training for talented boys and girls aged 9-16.

Many Associates rely on a bursary to cover the costs of fees, transport and ballet uniform. You can choose to support the shoes for our aspiring young dancers, whether ballet flats or their first ever pointe shoes.

Thank you for your support.