Are you ready for a luxurious vision of grandeur and decadence?

The Scandal at Mayerling
 is a gripping true story set in the Imperial Court, Austria, 1889. A time when clothes were fundamental in defining rank and position. Scottish Ballet is creating 90 resplendent costumes for this new production, each one illustrating a sense of hierarchy and history. 

The lavish designs summon a vision of glamour that will transport you back in time. Our Wardrobe Team have sourced around 1,500 metres of the many different sumptuous fabrics required. Now they need to work with teams of specialist makers to sew costumes that are hard-wearing and look luxurious under the stage lighting whilst allowing the dancers to move freely. 

Play your part in supporting the costume creations for The Scandal at Mayerling, the third production in our Five in Five Campaign, touring theatres in spring 2022. What a thrill you could have in the audience, spotting the costume you helped to create! 

Please consider donating to make this long-awaited production really cause a stir.

For gifts over £40, you can turn your donation into a Christmas gift on behalf of a loved one and we will send them a small piece of fabric from the costumes in time for Christmas!


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FREEPOST RTCE-KABC-XHJJ, Advancement Department, Scottish Ballet, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

To make a payment over the phone, please call Olivia Calder on 0141 331 6291.

If you live in the US and would like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so here.

Meet the characters and the costumes you'll help to create...

Crown Prince Rudolf


Rudolf, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, wears a red and blue military jacket inspired by the uniform colours of the period. Gold brocades and military ornamentation adorn the jacket, referencing his royal status.

Princess Stephanie

Rudolf’s new wife

Stephanie’s beautiful gown references her recent nuptials. The combination of white lace and pearly silks, with pale pink accents featuring floral detailing, gives her a demure yet sophisticated look, worthy of a princess!

Empress Elizabeth

Rudolf’s mother

Elizabeth’s opulent ballgown is made in luxurious blue silk with silver lace detailing on the underskirt and the bodice. Her look is complete with resplendent jewels, a tiara, royal regalia, a sash and evening gloves.

Countess Larisch

Rudolf’s former lover

Countess Larisch’s day dress is made up of a bodice and skirt in rich burnt orange silk with a bold black trim and geometric panelling.

Mary Vetsera

Rudolf’s young mistress

Made from pale-yellow silk with sheer puffed sleeves, Mary’s ballgown sits just below the knee to emphasise her youth. It is layered with net to help achieve fullness without the heavy underpinnings associated with the late 1800s.

Brothel Workers

Vibrant colours, prints and adornments. Layered bright silk brocades for the corsetry and muted deep velvets for the skirts. Soft pale silks and lace for the slips and underwear. Heeled ankle boots are suggestive of the period, worn with coloured patterned stockings.