As Production Sponsors of Swan Lake in 2016, Check-It Scaffold Services might not be the most obvious partner for dance. However, this inspiring partnership – which stemmed from a boyhood love of ballet – achieved recognition and significant results. Brand exposure was increased, positive PR achieved and from memorable guest experiences, new business was won.

As first time sponsors of the Arts in Scotland the partnership was awarded the New Arts Sponsorship Grant from Arts & Business Scotland which effectively doubled the support, the events, brand exposure and experiences available for Check It guests and staff during Swan Lake.

"We had hoped that this partnership would deliver positive effect and it surpassed our expectations. Through our partnership and the associated marketing opportunities, we were able introduce the arts to new audiences and in turn to cement our client relationships with memorable and exclusive hospitality and events. This sponsorship has certainly done its job. We will continue to support Scottish Ballet any way we can in the future and will take forward the key positive outcomes for further development. This partnership has certainly been a huge success for us, for our staff and our clients."

Hilary Austin, Finance Manager, Check It Scaffold Services.