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In September 2019, Scottish Ballet were invited to a tasting at our partner Corney & Barrow’s historical wine cellars in Ayr. 

Welcomed into the shop, we took a tour of the cellars, mingled with guests, and sampled some of Corney & Barrow’s finest tipples. Guests were treated to expert knowledge of wine and ballet, with the dancers answering questions and sharing tricks of the trade. 

From the intimate setting of the wine cellars, to the Scottish Ballet 2019 Gala on the Edinburgh Festival Theatre Stage, Corney & Barrow help bring the magic to all our events. Thank you to Corney & Barrow, we raise our glass and toast to our partnership!

Marge Hendrick and Constant Vigier with Barry Wilson and Iain Matthews from Corney & Barrow

“Just back from our summer break, Constant and I were delighted to be invited to a wine tasting at the Corney and Barrow’s shop in Ayr. Probably not the best way to get back in shape, but we definitely enjoyed our evening. 

We are both French and obviously love wine! We were lucky to get a private tour of the cellar, what a fascinating place. All those bottles really made us salivate, we were eager to taste some of the wines! As the guests arrived, we got introduced to the first wine, a sparkling rosé “as pink as a ballet pump” read the label. We appreciated the effort of linking ballet to some of the wines, it was not an easy task! The “Margaux” red wine was another reference to the famous dancer (watch the spelling though...), Margot Fonteyn. 

Although we mingled casually with the guests, we also dedicated some time for a Q&A. After the wine experts, it was our turn, the “ballet experts”, to talk about our daily routine and share some experiences on and off the stage. We didn’t get to perform but, considering we had wine, it was probably for the best! Maybe next time... Thanks to Corney & Barrow for a great evening!”

Marge Hendrick and Constant Vigier