2019 marks 11 years of partnership for Scottish Ballet and Artemis. More than a decade of sponsorship has forged a highly personalised connection between Artemis, Scottish Ballet, and Principal, Christopher Harrison, whom they currently support. 

The ‘Support a Dancer’ partnership offers a unique connection to the incredible passion and dedication of the dancers and helps provide resources in every aspect of career-training, performance and well-being. Artemis enjoy inspiring a dancers’ every success on stage and are part of the Scottish Ballet family.

“The highlight of the year is always the Christmas ballet, relishing the party atmosphere in the private hospitality suite where we enjoy meeting our colleagues outside the office and the friends and family they bring along as well as mingling with Scottish Ballet’s lovely staff and dancers! Then we have the kids matinee which, for me at least, is most definitely the cherry on top. The backstage tour is an escape into a completely different world, how the team remain so calm just minutes before the curtain goes up we’ll never know! A photo in Cinderella’s coach anyone? ‘Here’s my iPad have a go at working the lights’ said the Technical Director to a young boy who had not wanted to come along...oh my goodness he’s now Scottish Ballet’s biggest fan!”

Joyce Pringle, Artemis Investment Management LLP