The first In Company event on 9 March 2017 was a great success. David Watt, Chief Executive of Arts & Business Scotland, led the discussion following interesting talks from Mark Hogarth, Creative Director at Harris Tweed, and Richard Simpson, Joint Managing Director and Co-Owner at Tayburn.

Mark Hogarth, Creative Director at Harris Tweed Hebrides:

'Harris Tweed is handwoven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland from pure virgin wool, inspired and informed by the landscape of The Hebrides. Traditionally the dyeing process used the lichen, seaweed and summer flora and it is this unique colour spectrum rather than pantone that continues to direct Harris Tweed today.

For more than 100 years, the skills used to create Harris Tweed have been passed down through the generations.

Our best sales people are the skilled men and women who work on the looms, after just ten minutes of conversation with our artisans, customers are eating out their hands!

From wool to tweed there is a continual addition of unique skill and craft. At Harris Tweed, we believe the time is right to reclaim and redefine the term luxury through this craft.'

Richard Simpson, Joint Managing Director and Co-Owner at Award Winning Scottish creative brand agency, Tayburn:

'At Tayburn, we talk about remarkable brands. Brands that are noticed, talked about and shared. They are quite literally REMARKED upon.

Challenge convention. Brands have to let go. They have to be more fluid and diverse in a world bursting with myriad electronic media and display capabilities. They have to interact with audiences at a more emotional level.

Remarkable brands need to be able to communicate through a motivating story, and the journey they have been on that then reflects back to the consumer.

If you think about the customer journey from the point of initial awareness through to the purchase phase, and then the experience you get from that product or service, you can map out customer touch points. It is critical that where the make or break moments are is understood.'