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Partners of Scottish Ballet share a passion for the work we produce. With In Company, we hope to encourage conversation, collaboration and connections between our sponsors.

In Company (October 2018) presented an evening of conversation, collaboration and connection. Hosted by Caroline Roxburgh, Daniel Bense, Head of Commercial for Europe for Aesop was joined by Lochcarron of Scotland’s Managing Director, Dawn Robson-Bell to explore ‘Markets without the Marketing’ in Aesop’s Stockbridge location.

Working with local businesses for materials and engaging with the surrounding community to build their audience, Daniel explained how the Scandinavian inspired aesthetic of the stores and the “off the beaten track” location are integral to the brand, allowing the Aesop experience to speak for itself. This complimented the Lochcarron story, where they have developed the traditional market of kilts and scarfs as a springboard to expand into other markets including fashion and tourism. Dawn spoke of how brand recognition with consumers is now catching up to their solid foundation of Business to Business marketing.

Both Aesop and Lochcarron treated guests to an insight into using markets and marketing in holistic, original and contemporary ways to build on their enviable brand loyalty.