Partners of Scottish Ballet share a passion for the work we produce. With In Company, we hope to encourage conversation, collaboration and connections between our sponsors.

For our second In Company event of 2017, we were joined by Emma South, Fragrance and Lifestyle Expert at Jo Malone London and Greg Reid, Sales Manager at Corney & Barrow wine merchants. David Watt, Chief Executive of Arts & Business Scotland, chaired the evening which looked at ‘creating a modern heritage’ and the challenges facing brands in an ever changing market.

Emma South, Fragrance and Lifestyle Expert at Jo Malone London:

'Innovation and creativity is at the heart of the Jo Malone London brand. As a relatively young company founded in 1994, our focus is on returning ingredients to centre stage with unexpected and playful combinations. Our packaging is simple and timeless, which means we can inject wit and whimsy with different campaigns.

There are four core philosophies inherent to the Jo Malone London brand. The spirit of generosity. Experiential retail. Bespoke scenting. British Heritage. These all work together to bring newness and energy into the brand, and capture a mood, a moment, a place.

Our scents and boutiques are gender neutral, but we still have a way to go to engage with the male consumer. Engaging with younger consumers is also a focus, with social media having a large influence on new customers. Above all, the company understands the importance of embracing change and has evolved while still holding on to its heritage. The four philosophies are timeless.'

In Company Autumn 2017 Gallery

Greg Reid, Sales Manager at Corney & Barrow wine merchants:

'Corney & Barrow is one of the longest standing independent wine merchants in the UK, established in 1780. Our portfolio sets us apart from competitors. We can offer wines direct from the producer to the buyer exclusively, with no agent fees.

The demise of the baby boomers and emergence of a new millennial market is an interesting new challenge for us. Millennials have uncertainty in establishing careers, and are unlikely to have the disposable income that previous generations enjoyed. The wine industry has to compete with other drinks producers, particularly craft beer and artisan gins. Millennials have a frugal hedonist outlook – they want the best, but don’t want to spend much money to get it, adding to the challenge.

Corney & Barrow is in a good position as younger consumers are more interested in provenance, environmental concerns, where their wine comes from. We are able to offer them something exciting and different with the portfolio that we have. It is key to stay ahead of the trends and be aware of new developments in the wine industry. It is important that wine marketing continues to be sensory, with tastings and events allowing people to discover what they like.

Corney & Barrow also focus on connecting with diverse but likeminded organisations with similar ethos. As well as partnering with Scottish Ballet, we work with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Ladies Scottish Open amongst others. Collaborations and embracing new technology and social media allow us to reach people in many different ways.'