Born: Birmingham, England 

Trained: Elmhurst Ballet School 

Joined: As Artist in September 2019

Do you remember a moment when you decided or realised that you wanted to be a professional dancer?

I was eight years old. I had just finished my first ballet class and I ran out to tell my mother that "This is what I want to do!"  

What’s your pre-show ritual?

First, I always make sure I have a healthy balanced dinner and drink lots of water so I feel energised throughout the performance. To get into character I apply my makeup and put my costume on while listening to music. 

What attracted you to Scottish Ballet?

Scottish Ballet has an incredibly diverse repertoire which for me is vital because I am able to always push myself in something new.

Are there any dancers/artists that inspire you?

Marianela Nuñez, she is total perfection.

What are a few words that would describe your personality in the studio?

When I am in the studio I am happy.