"Thomas Edwards produced a suitably flashy Dancing Master, twirling his cane like a slightly manic Fred Astaire, and followed it up with a spritely, entertaining Grasshopper."

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella,, January 2016

"Victor Zarallo and Thomas Edwards excel in their core duet, a powerful representation of So in Love."

Javier de Frutos' Elsa Canasta, The Stage, September 2015

"Particularly effective are the poignant and powerful male-male duet between Victor Zarallo and Thomas Edwards."

Javier de Frutos' Elsa Canasta, Glasgow Theatre Blog, September 2015

"Thomas Edwards' technical and energetic hornpipe is a special treat, doubly so as it is a seldom performed part of the production."

Peter Darrell's The Nutcracker, Edinburgh Spotlight, December 2014

"Thomas Edwards' English Hornpipe, rarely performed, is a joyously acrobatic showstopper."

Peter Darrell's The Nutcracker, Dance Europe, February 2015

"... a black leather-clad biker gang The Ravens, beautifully danced with precision by Daniel Davidson, Rimbaud Patron and Thomas Edwards."

Christopher Hampson's Hansel & Gretel, Glasgow Theatre Blog, December 2013