‘Thomas Edwards’s English Dance – this isn’t a “divert” you’ll see at Covent Garden, and he delivers it with show-stopping ease and musicality.’

Peter Darrell's The Nutcracker, The Telegraph, December 2021

‘The added thought given to the parade of dances in the second act has certainly borne fruit, but the highlight has to be the supremely energetic hornpipe of Thomas Edwards.’

Peter Darrell's The Nutcracker, All Theatre Edinburgh, December 2021

‘Sophie Martin and Thomas Edwards – in a duet, Mea Culpa – exemplify Laplane’s heartland strength of revealing relationship truths through contact and distance, edgy angles and sudden, trusting lyricism.’

Sophie Laplane's Dextera, The Herald, April 2019

‘Thomas Edwards produced a suitably flashy Dancing Master, twirling his cane like a slightly manic Fred Astaire, and followed it up with a spritely, entertaining Grasshopper.’

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella,, January 2016

‘Victor Zarallo and Thomas Edwards excel in their core duet, a powerful representation of So in Love.’

Javier de Frutos' Elsa Canasta, The Stage, September 2015

‘Particularly effective are the poignant and powerful male-male duet between Victor Zarallo and Thomas Edwards.’

Javier de Frutos' Elsa Canasta, Glasgow Theatre Blog, September 2015

‘Thomas Edwards' technical and energetic hornpipe is a special treat, doubly so as it is a seldom performed part of the production.’

Peter Darrell's The Nutcracker, Edinburgh Spotlight, December 2014

‘Thomas Edwards' English Hornpipe, rarely performed, is a joyously acrobatic showstopper.’

Peter Darrell's The Nutcracker, Dance Europe, February 2015

‘... a black leather-clad biker gang The Ravens, beautifully danced with precision by Daniel Davidson, Rimbaud Patron and Thomas Edwards.’

Christopher Hampson's Hansel & Gretel, Glasgow Theatre Blog, December 2013