Where are you from?
I was born in Cherbourg, a city in the north of France.

Where did you train?
The Conservatory National Supérieur of Paris under the tuition of Noëlla Auguste. I later performed with the Junior Ballet and worked with leading dancers and choreographers in France.

When did you join Scottish Ballet?

Memorable moments
I was promoted to Principal in August 2008. In 2014 I performed at the XX Commonwealth Games opening ceremony alongside fellow Principal Christopher Harrison and at the Ryder Cup Gala Concert with Lewis Landini.

Sophie was number 20 in The List magazine’s Hot 100 poll of influential figures in Scottish culture in December 2008. She received the award for Outstanding Female Performance (Classical) at the 2011 Critic’s Circle National Dance Awards. In July 2016, Sophie was awarded Best Dance Performer at the Sunday Herald Culture Awards.

Why did you become a dancer?
I started ballet with my older sister at the age of 5. I had a lot of energy, so my parents wanted me to have an activity aside from school that would calm me down a little bit! At first, I wasn't so keen on how disciplined you had to be in class but the annual end of the year show kept me going. I had to find a way to perform more often so my ballet teacher offered to prepare me for a competition near my hometown. At that moment I knew ballet would be part of my life.