Sophie Laplane was born in Paris, France and trained at The Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris and Paris Opera Ballet School. Sophie joined Scottish Ballet in 2004, and was promoted to First Artist in July 2011. She is a talented choreographer and has presented a number of works for Scottish Ballet, at the Edinburgh International Festival and at large scale theatres across Scotland.

"Blanche's sister Stella, played by Sophie Laplane, gave a gut-wrenching performance as the once-loving sibling who chooses to side with the father of her child instead of Blanche. Laplane's brilliantly disturbing reunion with brutal husband Stanley - just after her pregnant character has fled his drunken beating - combined an easily overlooked psychological strength with her exhausted emotional and physical strength."

Nancy Meckler / Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's A Streetcar Named Desire, Aberdeen Evening Express, May 2012
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