Born: London

Trained: Central School of Ballet

Joined Scottish Ballet: August 2018

When did you realised you wanted to become a professional dancer?
It was around the age of 16 that I realised I wanted to become a professional dancer as I love the idea of being able to express my emotions and feelings through movement.

What’s your pre show ritual?
Before every show I always make sure I have worn my red head scarf and necklace for at least 1 hour as these items mean a lot to me and give me extra luck.

What attracted you to Scottish Ballet?
I like the idea of being able to tour around the world and how the company shows diversity and individualality in all genres.

Are there any dancers or artists that inspire you?
Wayne McGregor and Michaela DePrince  

What are a few words to describe your personality in the studio? 

What’s your favourite thing about Scotland?
The atmosphere!