"Last Wednesday, in the best showbiz tradition, a star was born in the West End. Aged just 21 Luke Schaufuss danced the leading male role of James, opening the Australian Queensland Ballet’s UK debut. Young Schaufuss gave a glimpse of a dazzling global future."

La Sylphide, Sunday Express, August 2015, * * * * *

“Luke Schaufuss as James in a performance that promised much for the future showed a young man on the brink of marriage and stressed the character’s youthful romanticism, impetuosity and adolescent thoughtfulness. Schaufuss unite this with some truly exciting dancing that combined precise beaten jumps and tours an l’air with dynamism and flair

La Sylphide, Dancing Times, September 2015

“Luke Schaufuss shone like a beacon over the production ... the perfect romantic lover ... dancing with spectacular strength”

La Sylphide, Stage-Whispers, March 2015

“Luke Schaufuss not only seemed at home in one of the most powerful roles in the literary and balletic opus, but he gave an honest interpretation rare in one so young - he created a character the whole world loves - Shakespeare and Ashton could not have asked for more”

Sunday Express, September 2013, * * * *