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Born: London, England

Trained: The Arts Educational School Tring Park, England and Central School of Ballet, London

Joined Scottish Ballet: 2009, promoted to Soloist in 2016

Do you remember a moment when you decided or realised that you wanted to be a professional dancer? 

At 11 years old, and being academically gifted while having danced and performed my whole life, I was given a choice between several diverse pathways forwards, and dance was the one that I chose, no contest!

What’s your pre-show ritual? 

Working for Scottish Ballet involves many diverse pre show make up, hair and wig routines. However, whatever is required for a show with Scottish Ballet, I like to be in the theatre at least 1 hour before curtain up.

Are there any dancers or artists that inspire you? 

I like to look outside of dance for inspiration, as I believe it can lead to a more unique approach. I am a huge fan of the original Star Wars movie trilogy, and I look to the ways the characters tell their story in a way that keep audiences coming back even today.

What are a few words that would describe your personality in the studio? 

Creative, noisy, busy, and very passionate!