Born: Middlesbrough (England)

Trained: The Hammond & English National Ballet School

Joined Scottish Ballet: August 2018

Do you remember a moment when you decided or realised that you wanted to be a professional dancer?
The moment that I realised I wanted to be a professional dancer was when I saw my first ballet at the age of 10, it was The Nutcracker. I was in awe of the dancers and wanted to be just like them.

What’s your pre-show ritual?
Pre-show I warm up, do plenty of balencés (like a side-to-side waltz that keeps the legs warm) and 30 minutes before the show I try to keep to myself, I just get into the zone.

What attracted you to Scottish Ballet?
I chose Scottish Ballet because it's a forward thinking company that really takes care of its dancers, and the repertoire is very diverse and exciting.

Are there any dancers or artists that inspire you?
The most inspirational thing is to take class full of people who share the same passion, goals and love for dance as I do. 

What are a few words that would describe your personality in the studio?
A few words that would describe me in the studio are determined, focused and driven.   

What’s your favourite thing about Scotland so far?
The city is so vibrant and the people are really friendly.