Meet Callum Easter, an Edinburgh based singer of otherworldly rhythm and blues. 

Following the release of two EPs on Soul Punk Records, Callum's dark poetic vision find its most compelling form yet on debut LP Here Or Nowhere – a sparse, stark, deeply personal and by turns hopeful, menacing and despairing clutch of intuitively retro-futuristic songs united, as he explains, by “a feeling that the world is f****d up and a belief that people can fix it together.” It’s entirely written, performed, recorded and even mastered by the artist himself between his flat and his studio, save for backing vocals from Sisters Jacqui and Pauline Cuff (Soho/Leith Congregational Choir), as captured by Tim London. 

Performed on an intricate and unusual psychedelic thrift-store assembly of instrumentation including electric guitar, Elka Panther organ, piano, blues harp and accordion, all warped, manipulated, distended and recontexualised via a variety of effects boxes, samplers and sequencers, Here Or Nowhere’s sound palette is strange and thoroughly satisfying.

Callum Easter's track 'Make a Move' features in Eve McConnachie's short film 'Frontiers', choreographed by Myles Thatcher (released May 2019).