‘Dr Coppelius, played by Bruno Micchiardi in what may well prove to be the role of a lifetime. His laidback arrogance is pitch perfect as the CEO with tunnel vision’

Jess and Morg's Coppélia, The Scotsman, August 2022

‘CEO, Dr Coppélius, who is distinctly uncanny, danced by a fiendish, narcissistic and mesmerising Bruno Micchiardi.’

Jess and Morg's Coppélia, Broadway Baby, August 2022

‘Bruno Micchiardi is perfectly supple and sinister’

Jess and Morg's Coppelia, Festmag, August 2022

‘Bruno Micchiardi brings an enigmatic presence to the role [of Dr Coppelius]’

Jess and Morg's Coppélia, The List, August 2022

‘Bruno Micchiardi meriting special mention for his delightfully neat turn as Rudolf’s loyal coachman Bratfisch.’

The Scandal at Mayerling, The Times, April 2022

‘I have to mention exceptional performances by Bruno Micchiardi as the louder-than-life and knowing Ringmaster’

The Secret Theatre, DanceTabs, December 2020

‘we are treated to the lively characters of a circus show, in particular the Ring-Master, a masterful Bruno Micchiardi’

Christopher Hampson's The Snow Queen, Broadway Baby, December 2019

‘a stunning solo by the grasshopper (Bruno Micchiardi)’

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella, Evening Gazette, February 2019