Born: Inverness, Scotland

Trained: Royal Ballet School (White Lodge and Upper School)

Other companies: National Opera Ballet, Bucharest

Joined Scottish Ballet: 2016, promoted to Soloist in July 2018 and to Principal in December 2019.

Why did you become a ballet dancer?
I started ballet when I was six and loved it from the beginning. It felt very natural to me and more importantly, it was fun. I cant remember the moment that I decided on ballet as a career... it just sort of happened! If I would have to pinpoint a moment though, it was as I began training at White Lodge at age 10. Thats when I started thinking of ballet as more than a hobby.

What's your favourite role to perform?
My favourite role that I've performed is Des Grieux from Kenneth MacMillan’s Manon.

Dream role?
My dream came true when I danced Des Grieux! But now I would love to perform Romeo.

Favourite ballet move?
My favourite thing in ballet is to Grand Allegro, it gives me such a great, free feeling. I also love a Pas de Deux - working so closely with another dancer is great and it opens up a whole new range of movement that just isn’t possible when dancing on your own.

Favourite thing about Scottish Ballet?
My favourite thing about Scottish Ballet is the diverse repertoire we have here.

What are some of your hobbies?
I like to play guitar and paint, but my favourite thing to do is spend time with my partner and playing with our goofy dog.