"Taking to the stage all in white Araminta Wraith captivated the audience, just as she did Hansel and Gretel, with her beauty and grace."

Christopher Hampson's Hansel & Gretel, Press and Journal

“As stylish and full of contrasts as the choreography, they [set and costume designs] are particularly memorable in their casting of the Fairy Godmother (Araminta Wraith) as a magical Earth Mother in charge of beautifully costumed garden creatures.”

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella, Sunday Herald

“The whole production is a treat – unhurried, thoughtful, elegantly playful – and, while the ghost of upstairs-downstairs politics prevails, it portrays Cinderella with a dignity encouraged by her mighty organza-clad fairy godmother (a wise-woman interpretation by Araminta Wraith).”

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella, The Guardian

“Ms. Wraith only joined the company in 2014, but my guess is she won’t be a ‘small group’ dancer for long. She is special. Her sound classical background is evident in her exquisite arms and hands, and she possesses a rare grace that commands her every movement. To move fast—particularly to switch movements fast—while retaining perfect technique and artistry is not common among dancers. There are a hundred things they are having to think about in a fraction of a second, and full naturalness of movement cannot be one of them. Unified grace is an innate talent, and in Ms. Wraith’s case it includes a natural feline allure that makes her captivating as both a dancer and an actor.”