Born: Leigh, England

Trained: Royal Ballet School

Joined Scottish Ballet: July 2017

Do you remember a moment when you decided or realised that you wanted to be a professional dancer?
Ever since I started dance lessons I loved the freedom of moving and dancing round the room. I never really enjoyed academic lessons, I couldn't sit still, but I think it all felt more serious as a future when I got the offer to train at the Royal Ballet School at age 11. I knew it was a big commitment to move away from my home but I trusted myself and knew it was what I wanted to do.

Describe something about your dancing that has changed since joining Scottish Ballet. What caused this change?
My knowledge of different dance styles and new ways of moving depending on the choreographer you’re working for. For example, working on The Crucible was a whole new way of moving for me but I loved the challenge! I feel now have better understanding of this and a better understanding of how to go through a creative process like this in the future.

What’s your pre-show ritual?
I like to be very focused before a show, especially if it’s a very demanding role. So I make sure I have everything I need for the show set up and ready and whilst doing my makeup and hair, I like listening to motivational music that can put me in an positive mindset and take away any anxious thoughts before I go on stage.

Are there any dancers or artists that inspire you?
I have grown up admiring the icons of classical ballet including dancers like Margot Fonteyn and Lynn Seymour and of course I am inspired daily by my fellow colleagues. Outside of ballet since I was young I adored performers like Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. The way they move and create such a presence on stage inspires my confidence, creativity and growth.

What are a few words that would describe your personality in the studio?
I tend to be very focused and determined in the studio. During daily class my thought process is very much about trying to push my myself a little bit further everyday.  

What has been a highlight of your time with Scottish Ballet?
A really unique experience for me was performing Matthew Bourne's Highland Fling. It was so enjoyable to dance but an amazing challenge as well. I hope I get a chance to perform it again soon!

The 2018 Asia tour of Hansel & Gretel was also a highlight for me. Being able to perform in front of people on the other side of the world who had such great interest in the company was very heartwarming.

What’s your favourite thing about Scotland?
I love the warming spirit of Scotland and how the people are very proud of where they come from. We’ve been very lucky to travel to all edges of Scotland and we have never had a unfriendly audience. I also strangely really like the cold weather!

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