‘Cinderella’s step-sisters (played by Constance Devernay and Aisling Brangan) are also lots of fun with gentle bawdiness and slapstick routines perfectly pitched’

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella, Reviewsphere, January 2019

‘From Rishan Benjamin turning in a near-showstopping sassy showgirl turn in Calliope Rag to the Harold Lloyd-esque Jamiel Laurence’s superb slapstick schtick with Aisling Brangan in the Alaskan Rag, this was just a diverting delight.’

Sir Kenneth MacMillan's Elite Syncopations, Society Aberdeen, April 2019

‘Constance Devernay and Aisling Brangan dance the beautifully as the ugly sisters, bringing a comedic element to the piece. ’

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella, Broadway World, January 2019

‘the cast I saw at the first performance of this year’s Christmas touring season are the best ugly sisters I’ve ever seen – take a bow Constance Devernay and Aisling Brangan’

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella, Dance Tabs, December 2018

‘Madeline Squire and Aisling Brangan were hilariously gawky as those hassling-meanie step-sisters’

Christopher Hampson's Cinderella, The Herald, January 2016