The latest news from across the organisation.

  • Wednesday 14 June 2017

    Scottish Ballet Creates participants announced

    Six Scotland-based choreographers to join the Scottish Ballet Creates mentorship scheme.

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  • Tuesday 13 June 2017

    Scottish Ballet awarded £150,000 by the Life Changes Trust to become dementia-friendly.

    The funding will be used to set up a programme of dementia-friendly dance based activities for people living with dementia, their carers and families across Scotland...

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  • Monday 12 June 2017

    Sunday Herald Culture Awards 2017

    Scottish Ballet receives SIX nominations in this year's Sunday Herald Culture Awards.

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  • Tuesday 6 June 2017

    Sophie Laplane emerges as Artist In Residence

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  • Thursday 25 May 2017

    In Conversation with Christopher Hampson

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  • Monday 22 May 2017

    Streetcar returns from La-La-Land.

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  • Monday 24 April 2017

    Scottish Ballet celebrates Tartan Week 2017 in New York

    Scottish Ballet were delighted to partner with the Scottish Government in celebrating Tartan Week 2017 with a special evening at the Norwood Club in New York City.

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  • Wednesday 12 April 2017

    A Day in the Life of Simon Schilgen

    Spend a day in the life of Artist Simon Schilgen on Fri 14 April as he rehearses Each Other, a world premiere by Ivgi & Greben for Dance International Glasgow.

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  • Friday 7 April 2017

    First Minister visits Scottish Ballet Youth Exchange

    Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visits Scottish Ballet in New York, including a visit to watch Scottish Ballet Youth Exchange at TISCH.

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