The latest news from across the organisation.

  • Wednesday 18 September 2019

    Burness Paull join Scottish Ballet as Photography Partner

    Scottish Ballet is delighted to announce a two-year partnership with Burness Paull as our Photography Partner.
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  • Wednesday 18 September 2019

    Rishan Benjamin #50Years50Careers

    Rishan featured in Digital Season films Tremble and Frontiers as well as Dextera - part of our Spring! season. We caught up with Rishan to hear about her journey with Scottish Ballet so far and find out what encouraged her to venture north of the border.
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  • Wednesday 11 September 2019

    Writer in Residence - In Partnership with The Work Room

    Scottish Ballet is delighted to be partnering with The Work Room, to offer an artist in residency for a creative writer to reflect on the practices of both dance organisations based in Glasgow’s Tramway.
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  • Sunday 8 September 2019

    Martin Lanfear #50Years50Careers

    As Scottish Ballet's primary physiotherapist, Martin ensures our dancers stay at peak mental and physical condition, ready to tackle any challenge our repertoire throws at them. We caught up with Martin to find out how.
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  • Friday 6 September 2019

    Tremble and Frontiers Selected for Film Festivals

    The Digital Season features short films, live streams and digital experiments to enhance, alter and inform the way we experience dance.
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  • Wednesday 4 September 2019

    Oliver Rydout #50Years50Careers

    We caught up with Oliver to find out more about his career and why he kept coming back to Scottish Ballet.
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  • Wednesday 28 August 2019

    Helen Pickett #50Years50Careers

    We caught up with Helen to find out what appealed to her about adapting Miller's work once more.
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  • Monday 19 August 2019

    Rimbaud Patron #50Years50Careers

    To celebrate World Photography Day, we're sharing some of the beautiful images Rimbaud has taken in his role – from exclusive, never before seen images, to rehearsal shots and what you see on stage.
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  • Friday 16 August 2019

    Elevate Dance Pilot - Orkney

    As part of our existing pilot programme, the dance health team will visit Orkney for one week in September to work with people living with Multiple Sclerosis, their friends, family and carers.
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