The latest news from across the organisation.

  • Friday 16 July 2021

    Beyond the stage, beyond borders

    We can thankfully begin to socialise with others, share experiences and sense the hope of our return to the stage. What's more, we are feeling some of the positive outcomes of our lockdown at Scottish Ballet.
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  • Wednesday 14 July 2021

    Scottish Ballet launches new fitness workout series

    Let's get physical! We've launched a six-part fitness YouTube series to help you keep moving.
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  • Tuesday 29 June 2021

    Scottish Ballet plans dazzling return to stage and screen with UK premiere of Gene Kelly's ballet

    This autumn we're planning a return to stage and screen with Gene Kelly’s ballet Pas de Dieux, given a new twist for its UK premiere.
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  • Monday 28 June 2021

    Lights, Camera, Action... Award!

    ​We’re honoured to have received The Critics’ Circle National Dance Award for Best Dance Film, for The Secret Theatre.
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  • Friday 11 June 2021

    Driving anti-racism – a year of reflection and progress at Scottish Ballet

    Our aims are to become a more visible, active ally to people and organisations who demonstrate a sustained commitment to anti-racism, to actively recruit people who are currently under-represented in ballet, and to reflect, company-wide, on areas that we can progress or improve on.
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  • Wednesday 26 May 2021

    Announcing six new dance films - The Shimmering Extraordinary

    Scottish Ballet and Nexus Studios announce six new dance films created by Emmy Award-nominated director Fx Goby, as part of Safe to Be Me™ Festival 2021.
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  • Wednesday 14 April 2021

    Rathbones join Scottish Ballet as Corporate Dance Partners

    We're delighted to welcome Rathbones as our newest sponsor with a one-year commitment as Corporate Dance Partners, supporting our return to the stage in the coming year.
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  • Monday 12 April 2021

    Two new dance films created alongside people living with neurological conditions

    Today, we're sharing two new dance films created in collaboration with people living with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and dementia, as part of their creative engagement project Haud Close.
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  • Friday 26 March 2021

    Two new dance films – exclusively for Members

    We're excited to announce the world premiere of two new dance films by company creatives Sophie Laplane and Nicholas Shoesmith, with the first being screened to celebrate International Dance Day on Thursday 29 April 2021.
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