What standard of dance is expected?

There is no set standard for Junior Associates but children should show an aptitude for movement, co-ordination, a sense of rhythm and lots of personality. Children applying for Junior Associates are automatically offered an audition. Mid Associates should have previous dance experience and should have reached approximately Grade 3 level. Senior Associates should be at approximately Intermediate standard and have some pointe work experience.

How old do the students have to be?

Entry to the Programme is dependent on their academic year, not their age.

  • Junior Associates should be entering P6 or P7 in September 2018.
  • Mid Associates should be entering S1 or S2 in September 2018.
  • Senior Associates should be entering S3 S4 or S5 in September 2018.

Please note it is not possible to apply for a programme unless you are in the appropriate academic year e.g. a student entering S3 in September 2018 is not eligible to apply for Mid Associates.

Do children have to re-audition the following year?

  • Junior Associates are normally offered a second year on the programme.
  • Mid and Senior Associates re-audition every year.

Do children need to have previously been a Junior Associate to audition for the Mid Associate programme, or have been a Mid Associate to audition for the Senior Associate programme?

No, all are welcome to audition.