Forest Ice Decorations

We often make decorations for indoors, but what about outside… Why not make these Decorations to hang in your garden? Or you could leave them in your local park or forest for other people to enjoy too!


You will need

• Freezer-proof bowls - any size

• Some string or wool

• Things you have found from the forest floor – these can be leaves, twigs, feathers, acorns, shells, pebbles… anything you like!

What to do

1. Boil a kettle of water, leave until the water is cold, and then boil again. This makes sure there are no air bubbles in the water, so your sculpture will be clear.

2. Put your bowls next to each other and the string across them all. The string needs to touch the bottom of each bowl and have plenty left at the end for hanging your decoration up later.

3. Place one Forest object in each bowl, resting it on top of the string.

4. Making sure it has cooled right down, pour the water from the kettle into the bowls until all your objects are covered

5. Put your bowls in the freezer overnight for the sculpture to freeze.

6. Take out the bowls and put them into some cold water. This will melt them a tiny amount, and make it easy to get them out!

7. Hang up your sculpture outside by the long end of the string and enjoy your Forest Decorations! You can experiment with different sizes of bowl, and with different numbers of objects.