As part of an ongoing commitment to dance for everyone, Scottish Ballet worked with the Foundation for Community Dance on the Big Dance Pledge 2014.

The Big Dance Pledge is a free opportunity for participants to learn an original choreography, develop it to make it their own, then perform it as part of a worldwide performance day. The special 5th edition was created by Scottish Ballet with fun and celebration at its heart, as part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme of the XX Commonwealth Games.

‘“We have shaken things up a bit this year, creating a dance we hope is fun, infectious and accessible to everyone. The inspiration for the choreography was taken from the idea that people instinctively enjoy rhythms and clap and snap when they are celebrating and feeling happy. We also wanted to share a taste of what that means here in Scotland with the rest of the world." ’

Catherine Cassidy, Director of Education
Big Dance Pledge 2014 at the Mound, Edinburgh

Resources comprised three films; a showcase film, a tutorial film and a film of new community dances created in several styles in response to the 2014 Pledge dance. Participants could learn the Pledge dance via these, or make a dance in their own style inspired by our choreography.

‘“This year’s Big Dance Pledge aims to include everyone, regardless of age, ability and gender. Dance is instinctive in many ways; we see this behaviour in babies who move unprompted to music, sounds and rhythms. We dance because it’s fun!”’

2014 Dance Pledge choreographer Lorraine Jamieson

The 2014 Pledge was a huge success with over 68,000 participants from 25 nations dancing together on May 2014. Many groups fed back to say that it was the best Pledge dance so far and Scottish Ballet’s Education Team was delighted that so many people of all ages found the dance to be fun and uplifting.

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