We are proud to be developing a project called Safe To Be Me© in primary schools across Scotland. 

This innovative programme uses dance to introduce topics such as racism, homophobia, bigotry, ableism and transphobia. Delivered in line with the key Scottish Government targets to address these areas, the project engages with Primary 6 pupils to explore themes that include identity, tolerance, acceptance, respect, ethnic and family diversity and LGBTQ communities.

Pupils are initially introduced to these themes by our qualified team in the weeks leading up to watching a performance, which is choreographed by Scottish Ballet’s Engagement Creative Director, Lorraine Jamieson. Working with Scotland’s most experienced dance practitioners, the pupils then take part in a full-day workshop where they create their own Safe to Be Me© performance; supporting them to be safe and confident in who they are.

After a successful pilot in February-March 2019, we plan to roll out the Safe To be Me© programme to primary schools across Scotland from August 2019.

To find out more about how your school can be involved in the programme, please contact engagement@scottishballet.co.uk.

‘We learned about how people can be different and nobody is the same, and it’s okay to be different’

Primary 6 pupil

‘The whole experience has been absolutely amazing, and I think it will have a massive lasting impact on the class. The results were beautiful and effective.’

Teacher involved with the workshop

Safe To Be Me© supported by

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