Who are ye? Who’s me? Who’s me?

Welcome to our, ‘Who Are Ye’ creative task.

We would love to hear about the story of your name, one of the only things we often carry with us our whole lives....

Think about your full name, first name, any middle names you might have and your last name.

Perhaps you have a name you’ve been called previously.... think about how our names alone can tell a story. What story would your name tell?

Perhaps you are known by a different name than you were given at birth?

Do you have a pet name or a nickname?

How do you feel about your name?

Do you know the history of your family name?

Are you named after anyone?

Perhaps you always wanted to be called something else?

How to join in

Choose from the following different ways of responding to this task - pick one:

  1. Make a recording of your voice telling us the story of your name. Don’t forget to give us as much detail as possible!
  2. Write your story and send it to dancehealth@scottishballet.co.uk by Monday 22 February 2021
  3. Film yourself telling the story of your name and send it to us via the link below.
  4. Film yourself with your name written down: 
    1. Write your name as big and as clearly as you can on a piece of paper
    2. Choose somewhere special in your house or garden, it can be anywhere at all
    3. Film yourself for 10 seconds holding your sign up and saying ‘Hello I am....”
    4. Hold the final moment for a few seconds so we can see you and read your sign!


Audio instructions recorded by Philippa Clark.