Act I

The Enchanted Mirror

The young Snow Queen and her sister, the Summer Princess, live in an isolated Ice Palace. The Summer Princess longs to leave and begs the Snow Queen to use her enchanted mirror to show the future. Looking through the mirror, the Summer Princess can see herself, many years later, embracing a handsome stranger.

Unwilling to wait a moment longer, she decides she must leave to find her true love. The Snow Queen begs her to stay, but the Summer Princess disguises herself and flees, leaving the Snow Queen alone. The Snow Queen grows angry as she contemplates a life alone and, in her rage, she shatters her enchanted mirror and vows to bring her sister back to the Ice Palace.

The Busy Marketplace

The Summer Princess lives for many years on the outskirts of a busy town. She is known locally as Lexi, a pickpocket.

One crisp winter’s day, handsome Kai proposes to his beloved Gerda and they become engaged. Watching on, Lexi recognises Kai as the stranger she saw in the mirror and waits for her moment to meet him.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Lexi works the crowd but gets caught in the act. Kai, feeling sorry for her, helps her avoid capture with an embrace. Gerda is rightfully suspicious of Lexi’s intentions.

A travelling circus arrives — acrobats, clowns, a strongman and a ballerina each take their turn as the Ringmaster gathers an audience.

As the crowd is entertained by the circus, the Snow Queen appears, freezing time. She begs her sister to return to the ice palace with her. Lexi refuses and the Snow Queen blows shards of glass from the enchanted mirror into Kai's eye, causing him to see all that is beautiful as ugly. He becomes mean and spiteful as the shards find their way to his heart, turning it to ice.

The Ringmaster performs a disappearing trick with Kai, but the Snow Queen uses the opportunity to freeze time once more, and Lexi witnesses her leading Kai away. With the circus over and night falling, a worried Gerda is left alone with only the mistrustful Lexi to help her.

Act II

The Fortune Teller

Lexi leads Gerda far away, deep in the forest to visit Mazelda, a fortune teller. Mazelda reveals that Kai has indeed been stolen away by the Snow Queen and bewitched to forget his true love. Lexi tells Gerda there is no hope of getting him back, she knows her sister’s powers. Gerda will not give up and she sets out alone to find him.

The Forest

As Gerda travels through a wintry forest, the Snow Queen tries to block her path: Jack Frosts, Snowflakes and Snow Wolves surround her, but eventually she reaches the Ice Palace.

The Ice Palace

At the Ice Palace, Gerda finds Kai bewitched by the Snow Queen; he no longer recognises her. Furious, the Snow Queen attacks Gerda with a shard from the enchanted mirror but, from nowhere, Lexi comes to Gerda’s rescue. The sisters battle until they both fall through the enchanted mirror... and the Snow Queen’s spell is broken.