A reflection on the connection between our younger and older selves.

A short dance film directed by Scottish Ballet’s film-maker Eve McConnachie and choreographed by CEO/Artistic Director Christopher Hampson, featuring a specially commissioned poem by Scotland’s Makar Jackie Kay. The poem is narrated by Kay herself with music by Alex Menzies.

Haud Close Tae Me is sponsored by Supporting Partner KPMG with match-funding from Arts and Business Scotland, and by The Garrick Charitable Trust.

Pas De Deux by Jackie Kay

Would you take haud o’ me,
Take haud o’ me
Haud me in your airms and birl me aroon?
Would you haud close tae me
Haud close tae me
Lift me up and put me doon?

I’ll let go o’ you,
Let go o’ you
Turn you roon an’ set you free
You’re one step away
Two away frae me
A pas de chat, a pas de deux.

Would you run aff wey me
Run awa wey me
Tak my haunds and lead me astray?
Would you hae a word wey me,
Hae a word wey me,
Tell me: yesterday’s no the day?

I’ll keep time wey you,
Bide close tae you
Yer body’s memory, fu o’ story,
Step by step we go – chassé, plié…
In your foot, your toe:
You’re a magnificent glory.

Would you please follow me?
Still shadow me
Until night becomes day?
Keep up wey me
Pas marché or brisé volé?
Until the river meets the sea?

I’ll pace time with you,
Keep faith with you
Up the banks and over the brae
Until the moon draps tae the sea.
I’ll be your bridge, be your gateway
Till you are me and I am ye.

Would you let go o’ me,
Things have sapped and ebbed away.
Would you let go o’ me,
Let go o’ me
The words have slid back tae sea.
Who are ye? Who’s me? Who’s me?

I’ll dance the night away
Step by step away
You go; I’ll follow
Don’t worry now: don’t go away.
It all begins and ends with a demi plié!
Till I am you and you are me!

Are you dancing, you say; you say
Are you tomorrow?
Are you asking - what will you borrow?
The day just yesterday.
The nights dancing into the day.
The moon’s dancing into the sea.