From Edinburgh International Festival this August. My Light Shines On is a series of online works that audiences can enjoy from their own homes.

In a celebration of our long-standing relationship with Edinburgh International Festival, we've created a programme of short films. We’re honouring the unique breadth of our work by re-creating three electrifying duets for the screen, as well as a special new film commission for the full company, presented alongside three short films from our digital season.

We’re proud to present the world premiere of a new work by SB Soloist Nicholas Shoesmith. Performed by the full company, Catalyst has been captured on the Edinburgh Festival Theatre’s empty stage in a gesture of creative resilience.

Alongside this new work, American choreographer Helen Pickett gives new life to her touching short duet Trace alongside Resident Choreographer Sophie Laplane’s quirky and curious Oxymore, both of which were commissioned for the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival. 

Prometheus & Epimetheus investigates the Greek myth of the same name in a duet for two males and two females by choreographer Alexander Whitley, originally created in collaboration with Zachary Eastwood-Bloom.

Frontiers challenges outdated gender norms in classical ballet, created by San Francisco Ballet choreographer Myles ThatcherIdle Eyes is another electric piece by Sophie Laplane featuring dancers from Scottish Ballet’s Youth Exchange Programme. Tremble sees 26 dancers performing in an abstract dining room, from award-winning choreographer-director duo Jess and Morgs.

Watch all of these films as part of My Light Shines On below.

‘★★★★ A succinct, evocative vignette - a reminder of how Scottish Ballet is retaining its spirit, its prowess, its creativity.’

The Herald