Celebrating the legacy of Kenneth MacMillan on the 25th anniversary of his death, Kenneth MacMillan: A National Celebration brings the UK’s leading ballet companies together for the first time.

Scottish Ballet will perform The Fairy's Kiss at the Royal Opera House alongside two other works in a triple-bill with The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Northern Ballet.

The MacMillan Festival will showcase MacMillan’s work through three different triple-bills, including a joint performance of Elite Syncopations by all five companies.

Find out about the full programme and listings on The Royal Opera House website.

Generous philanthropic support from The Fonteyn Circle, The Royal Opera House Endowment Fund, and the Linbury Trust.


18-19 OctoberConcerto / Le Baiser de la fée* / Elite Syncopations**The Royal Opera House, London
26-27 OctoberGloria / The Judas Tree / Elite Syncopations**The Royal Opera House, London

* See Scottish Ballet perform The Fairy's Kiss.

** Two Scottish Ballet dancers performing alongside dancers from The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, and Northern Ballet.


The Fairy's Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fée)

Scottish Ballet will mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Scottish born choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan with a re-staging of his early narrative work The Fairy’s Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fée), which will feature a stunning new set and costumes designed by Gary Harris. The ballet is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Ice Maiden and tells the story of a boy destined for immortality after being kissed at birth by a fairy. The Fairy’s Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fée) was originally created in 1960 and has had only one revival since.

It was the richness and complexity of Stravinsky's score for Le Baiser de la fée that drew MacMillan uncharacteristically towards this fairytale. His 1960 setting stays close to the original scenario, in which an 'enchanted' young man abandons his betrothed. Yet while MacMillan interpreted the story as an allegory of the artist's dilemma - to follow the demands of genius, or to settle for more ordinary, human happiness - his version has a darker hue.

Credits - The Fairy's Kiss

  • ChoreographerKenneth
  • MusicIgor
  • DesignerGary
  • RépétiteurDiana
  • RépétiteurDonald
  • Lighting DesignerSimon

Scottish Ballet is extremely grateful for the support it has received from the following organisations and individuals:

  • The recreation of The Fairy’s Kiss has been generously supported by The Linbury Trust.
  • Significant investment has also been received from Geoff & Mary Ball, Kate & Gavin Gemmell, The Turtleton Trust, Iain McGlashan Charitable Trust and The Viewforth Trust.
  • Further generous donations from The Binks Trust, Fred Hay, Juliette Paton and Jan Munro.

Elite Syncopations

Dancers of The Royal Ballet are joined by guest artists from the other four companies, including Scottish Ballet. Elite Syncopations mimics the vibe of a jazz-age dance hall, with a band playing the ragtime score on stage to drive the dancers through their virtuoso, burlesque routines.

Credits - Elite Syncopations

  • ChoreographerKenneth
  • MusicScott

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