Join Hansel and Gretel on their fantastic journey through the magic forest, where sweets come to life and a beautiful woman is not all she seems…

This delightfully inventive Hansel & Gretel takes creative twists and turns inspired by the Grimm Brother's famous fairy tale - and the stories and imagination of the people of Scotland. 

Scrumptiously surreal and with more than a sprinkle of magic, Scottish Ballet is touring the production to LG Arts Center, SeoulHong Kong Cultural Centre (Grand Theatre), as part of the International Arts Carnival 2018 and Macao Cultural Centre, with the Macao Orchestra conducted by Ollivier-Philippe Cuneo.

A carousel of delicious treats from start to finish, Hansel & Gretel is full to the brim with magic and wit; with toys that come to life and a beautiful bewitching ballerina who is not at all as she seems...

Running time: Approximately 2 hours with one 20 minute interval.

'Fizzing with mischief and magic'

The Daily Telegraph

'This production takes us by the hand and leads us into its magical world.'

Scottish Daily Express


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