Act I


On the verge of womanhood, a girl imagines her future.

The Proctors’ house

The girl, Abigail, works for the family of Elizabeth and John Proctor and becomes entangled in a dangerous relationship.

Meeting House

The community of Salem join together in a service of devotion and fellowship, led by Reverend Samuel Parris.

Shadow Play

Abigail and her friends, including Parris’ daughter, Betty, play at the edge of the village.


The girls follow Tituba, Parris’ slave, into the forest. Abigail seeks a way to curse Elizabeth Proctor. As they dance, out of control, the girls are discovered by Reverend Parris. Betty collapses and is carried by her father to the Meeting House.

Meeting House

The community rallies. Reverend Hale, an expert in witchcraft, is summoned. In the process of trying to save Betty, a powerful force is unleashed in Salem as the girls begin to accuse people within the community of witchcraft.

Act II

Meeting House — Witch trial

Events have progressed; as the community fragments, increasing numbers fall under suspicion. The Deputy Governor of Massachusetts, Danforth, leads the hearings.

The Proctors’ House

Abigail persuades the Proctors’ new servant, Mary, to store a poppet, a small doll made to look like Abigail herself, in the Proctors’ home. Unbeknownst to Mary, the poppet, stuck with a pin, serves as evidence of witchcraft. The authorities arrive with a search warrant, discover the poppet and accuse Elizabeth. Sure of her innocence, Elizabeth gives herself up for arrest so she may speak her truth in court.

Meeting House — Court

Given a choice between a confession or the noose, the prisoners holdfast to their truth. For Elizabeth and John Proctor, their private shame of John’s affair is made public and Abigail is exposed. However, in denying her husband’s affair, Elizabeth, unwittingly, condemns herself.

Outskirts of the Village

Unable to bear her humiliation, Abigail flees Salem.


As the day of reckoning dawns for the citizens of Salem, John Proctor faces a terrible choice, should he save his life or his name.