The Rite of Spring

Intense and visceral, Christopher Hampson’s The Rite of Spring, created originally for Atlanta Ballet, is presented 100 years after the original production revolutionised the world of dance and music.

Set to Stravinsky’s exhilarating score, performed live by the full Scottish Ballet Orchestra, Hampson uses three dancers to reinvent the now infamous story of remorseless human sacrifice with brutal physicality and primal energy in this challenging work that examines themes of violence, obedience and domination.

The Fairy's Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fée)

The Fairy's Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fée) is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Ice Maiden and tells the story of a boy destined for immortality after being kissed at birth by a fairy. The Fairy’s Kiss (Le Baiser de la Fée) was originally created in 1960 and has had only one revival since.