Play your part in our new ballet, the first ever Snow Queen to tour Scotland.  

Costumes bring life and colour to a ballet, transporting you to a place of wonder. 

For The Snow Queen, Olivier Award-winning designer Lez Brotherston has created spectacular designs, rich in detail and icy sparkle. Our expert wardrobe team will bring their labour of love and craftsmanship to the costumes unravelling rolls of velvet, tulle, satin, and sequins, and 120 meters of trim.  

We need your help to ensure:

  • 51 rolls of fabric – just over 1,300 metres - will be used to cut our costumes
  • 5kg worth of tulle, satin, silk and velvet, ornamented with Swarovski crystals, sequins, and jewels will make the Snow Queen's lavish cape
  • 2,500 jewels will be hot stoned for the Ringmaster's coat
  • hand drawn transparent bodysuit will be created for Strong Man's unique costume
  • Frosted mirrored headdresses will be delicately made for the Snow Flakes
  • Beastly masks will be produced for the Wolves of the Forest

By supporting The Snow Queen Costume Appeal, you are bringing a new ballet to life that will remain part of our winter season repertoire for years to come, creating costumes fit for a Queen. 


Meet the characters and their costumes you'll help to create...

Principal dancer Constance Devernay as The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The most lavish of all her costumes is her cape. Weighing 5kg, the costume is made from tulle, satin, silk and velvet, ornamented with Swarovski crystals, sequins and jewels hand sewn onto the plush fabrics. Paired with a mirror-framed crown and grey-tipped wig.


Our leading male - Kai, like many of the villagers, is wrapped up warm against the cold the Snow Queen has inflicted. The Designer and Head of Wardrobe scoured vintage shops, buying second-hand plaid, wools, hats and scarfs in bulk. Our dancers will be feeling the heat!

Ringmaster and Strong Man costume sketches by Lez Brotherston.


The ring-masters costume is a mix of clashing fabrics and prints, topped with a feather-plumed hat. His coat is made from deep velvet with 2,500 jewels that are ‘hot stoned’ (using a glue gun) on the coat. His eccentric look embodies the energy of the circus arriving on stage.

Strong Man

The strong man’s costume is one of the most unique. A transparent full bodysuit made from minx, tattoos are hand drawn onto it. Leopard print fur shorts are the finishing touch. The male dancer’s final transformation for this role is painting tattoos onto his face.

Snow Flakes costume sketches by Lez Brotherston

Snow Wolves

The Wolves of the Forest don beastly masks which are paired with sheer lycra all in ones. Velour covers the legs with woven fringing to transform into these magical creatures. The costumes are sprayed to allow them to fit snuggly to the dancers’ bodies to keep muscle tone visible.

Snow Flakes

You know winter is here when the stage is a flurry with jewelled lycra leotards and chiffon skirts glistening under the lights. Their frosted mirrored headdresses echo that of their monarch, topping off the delicate costumes that pledge their allegiance to the Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen, choreographed by Christopher Hampson, is the second of five new ballets being created for our Five in Five Campaign as a legacy for our 50th anniversary year. 

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‘I always look forward to the winter season ballets because the designs are so spectacular; I can’t wait to transform into the Snow Queen this year.’

Constance Devernay, Principal Dancer