We're thrilled to have won the Parkinson's dance groups category for When I Dance! Congratulations to all who were involved.

The When I Dance competition raises awareness of Parkinson’s by bringing together dance communities of all backgrounds and abilities. Dance connects people and everyone can enjoy it. But did you know it can relieve Parkinson’s symptoms?

Find out more about When I Dance at whenidance.co.uk.

We were also very excited to host a Dance for Parkinson's Scotland 'megaclass' this month!

Dance Base and Scottish Ballet brought together 64 people from Edinburgh and Glasgow, who are living with Parkinson’s, for a combined Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland ‘megaclass’. The class took place at Scottish Ballet's studios in Glasgow and started with a fine spread of home-baking before the participants enjoyed dancing together, team-taught by Miriam Early, Hayley Earlam, Rhianna Laws and Sophie Younger with the fabulous pianist Derek Barron accompanying the event.