At heart, I love problem-solving, and choreography is one giant, never-ending problem which frustrates me, inspires me and keeps me curious every day.

Ema Jayne Park - SB Creates choreographer

Over a two week period, we opened our doors to six choreographers for the second ever instalment of the Scottish Ballet Creates mentorship programme.

The choreographers included some emerging, some established, and one Scottish Ballet dancer, Jamiel Laurence.

Each was given access to our studios, the company dancers, and most importantly - mentorship from Artistic Director / CEO Christopher Hampson and internationally renowned choreographer Kerry Nicholls.

All of this allowed them to explore choreographic ideas and work freely in our studios without any pressure to present a finished product. This kind of opportunity is rare for choreographers working outside of a full-time Company as time is precious, meaning rehearsals often lead directly into a public performance.

Removing this pressure made room for them to delve deeper into what makes them tick.

SB Creates gave me a supportive environment to discover who I am as an artist and take risks. With the support of Chris and Kerry and an open and honest group of makers, this process has inspired me in a human, artistic and emotional level. I feel extremely privileged to take part in this programme to hone in on my craft and learn from the invaluable experience of Chris and Kerry.

Tamsyn Russell - SB Creates choreographer