Scottish Ballet's Digital Season is a month-long programme of work created for smartphones, cinema and everything in between - kicking off 16 May.

Get to know the creatives behind the cameras ahead of our digital dance festival.


Myles Thatcher

San Fransisco Ballet dancer Myles Thatcher is an exciting new talent working in the queer space. This is his first commission for Scottish Ballet.

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Alexander Whitley

Alexander Whitley is a London based artist with a reputation for creating bold interdisciplinary work for digital platforms. He is Artistic Director of Alexander Whitley Dance Company.

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Resident Choreographer

Sophie Laplane

Sophie Laplane is Scottish Ballet's Artist in Residence (Choreography) and is a firm favourite among our regular attendees. Her latest work Dextera was described as 'woke, fun and funny' by The List.

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Soloist and Choreographer

Nicholas Shoesmith

Dancer by day, choreographer by night. Nicholas Shoesmith is a Scottish Ballet Soloist with a burgeoning talent for creating intricate and eye catching movement.

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First Artist and Choreographer

Madeline Squire

Also from within Scottish Ballet's ranks, Madeline Squire is a First Artist and budding choreographer. This is her first project creating movement and is working in collaboration with Digital Artist in Residence Zachary Eastwood-Bloom.

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Visual Artist

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom is Scottish Ballet's first ever Digital Artist in Residence. A sculptor by trade, Zachary's work will exist in the real world as a live performance and in the virtual world as a film, drawing on tools including motion capture and 3D rendering.

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Eve McConnachie

Eve McConnachie is Scottish Ballet's in-house filmmaker. She's responsible for much of Scottish Ballet’s video content including a wide range of films such as animated trailers, behind-the-scenes documentaries and short dance films.

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Jess and Morgs

London based duo Jess and Morgs co-choreograph and co-direct surreal and humorous films. Their work has been shown at numerous international festivals, including FIFA (Montreal), Cinedans (Amsterdam), Agite y Sirva (Mexico), Screendance (Stockholm) and San Francisco Dance Film Festival (USA)

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Anna Meredith

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Callum Easter

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Ash Koosha

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Ben Chatwin

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Paul Kingsley Squire

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