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2019 is our 50th anniversary and we are championing some of the people who help make Scottish Ballet a great place to work. Each week we will introduce you to a different career at Scottish Ballet and the person behind it. 

We spent a day with Head of Wardrobe Mary Mullen to get an insight into her world...

As she quickly repaired Cinderella’s tutu at Theatre Royal Glasgow, Mary told us about her path to becoming Head of Wardrobe:

I originally wanted to be a tailor so I started studying that at college, and while I was a student did a work placement at Scottish Ballet. When I was just about to graduate, Scottish Ballet got in touch asking if I wanted to work on a tour, so I started as a wardrobe technician and within 6 months had been promoted to Wardrobe Mistress. It seems that Scottish Ballet found me!

Mary then rushed down to the side of stage, ready to help dancers with their quick changes during a performance of Cinderella. 

I’ve stayed here for over 20 years because Scottish Ballet feels like a family, they really take care of you. We have access to the same facilities as the dancers, including an onsite physiotherapist and sports masseuse. The company and my colleagues were also incredibly supportive of me as I brought my daughter up. 

Finally, it was straight back to Tramway to look at fabric samples for the Spring! double bill.

I love the variety of the work we produce at Scottish Ballet - we go from a big winter production like Cinderella and then we're straight into a contemporary piece. Right now, I'm working on the costumes for Sophie Laplane’s Dextera, part of the Spring! double bill. I’m looking at sourcing fabric samples to bring the designer’s vision to life.

The Company is always moving and changing, it’s such an exciting place to work, and it doesn’t hurt that we get to go on some amazing foreign tours!

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