Friends of Scottish Ballet not only support the work we do but become part of our story, connecting with the Company to see first-hand the impact their contribution makes and experiencing unique insider insights. 

Elaine Falconer has been a Friend of Scottish Ballet for 10 years, attending many of our events at our home at Tramway and at her local theatre, and has shared her thoughts on being part of the Scottish Ballet family.

I became a Friend of Scottish Ballet in 2008, as I wanted to feel a connection to the Company and support the work I enjoyed so much. Everyone at Scottish Ballet has always said it's like a family and they're kind enough to extend the feeling to their supporters.

One of the benefits of being a Friend is the opportunity to get up close. I like knowing that my membership fee helps to support the dancers, and performances, costumes and sets.

I love the way dancers, wardrobe department, and technical team make time to come along and share their knowledge at Friends’ events. These events are fascinating and enhance the whole performance experience. If you've been lucky enough to get a peek at the costumes or see a bit of rehearsals, you'll remember it when you see the show in the theatre. It adds a little something and that's a great feeling.

What I value most about Scottish Ballet is their diversity. As a company, they're constantly evolving. Just look at all the new and different pieces they've given us recently, from A Streetcar Named Desire to Swan Lake to Emergence, not to mention reviving old favourites like Peter Darrell's The Nutcracker. They even have their own home-produced Artist in Residence, Sophie Laplane.

My advice would be to become a Friend and go and see Scottish Ballet at every possible opportunity. The happy memories will last you a lifetime. There is no stagnation here, it’s a living company with a beating heart.